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Welcome to QAL Medical™, your global source for authentic OrthoAgility ® (formerly Otto Bock) Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) medical devices, refurbishment services, and repair parts.QAL Medical Health briefs

Bone and joint health problems are among the most prevalent and debilitating health challenges that Americans can face. More than one in four Americans have bone or joint health problems, making them the greatest cause of lost work days in the U.S.

bone and joint healthWe are in the business of getting people back to their daily routines as soon as possible, helping them get back to work and to their independent, productive lives, after experiencing an injury and or surgery to one of their joints.
Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) devices are a safe, effective modality to keep your joints moving, which are used to reduce pain and edema (swelling), increase/maintain range of motion, help prevent adhesions (scar tissue), contractures (muscle/joint stiffness) and DVTs (blood clots in veins that can block blood flow), minimize hospital stays and improves home Physical Therapy visits.

QAL Medical’s Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) devices improve people’s lives by speeding up the path to lifestyle recovery.  In most patients after extensive joint surgery, attempts at joint motion cause pain and as a result the patient fails to move the joint. The use of Motion in the healing process is essential. Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) device is a postoperative rehabilitative treatment that is designed to aid recovery safely and gently after an injury to a joint and has proven beneficial effects on the healing and regeneration of musculoskeletal tissues.

Research continues to demonstrate that moving a limb or joint aids rehabilitation and leads to a better outcome.  Opposed to immobilization, by combining active physical therapy with a Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) therapy device to very gradually and safely move the joint, while a patient can be resting comfortably, it is possible to significantly:
continuous passive motion




Health Briefs–The Benefits of Continuous Passive Motion

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  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Increases/maintains range of motion
  • Helps prevent scar tissue from forming
  • Helps prevent muscle and joint stiffness
  • Helps in reducing infection
  • Prevents blood clots from forming in veins
  • Promotes faster cartilage and soft tissue healing

There are treatment options that can help you get back to your old self. Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) therapy provides more peace of mind to patients and their loved ones, with a safe, effect rehabilitative option to help ensure proper recovery of an injured joint, while having the patient experience less pain and reducing risk of having the injured joint becoming more vulnerable to disease.



CPM leg, CPM knee, CPM ankle, CPM toeOrthoAgility® CPM for Lower Extremities

Knees, hips, ankles, and toes

Our lower extremity CPM devices help keep joints moving, gently and safety to get patients back to enjoying their life to the fullest.


OrthoAgility® CPM for Upper Extremities

CPM shoulder, CPM elbow, CPM Wrist, CPM hand

Shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand

Our upper extremity CPM devices help keep joints moving, gently and safety to get patients back to enjoying their life to the fullest.

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