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Go directly to QAL MEDICAL®, the original Manufacturer and resolve all your OrthoAgility® CPM service needs; quickly and properly the first time.


Quality Assembly & Logistics, LLC (formerly QAL Medical®, LLC) is the sole source manufacturer and owner of OrthoAgility® Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) devices, located in Marinette, Wisconsin, USA.

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Specialized Technicians

Our specialized technicians are the only Official Certified OrthoAgility® CPM experts. Our qualified CPM team builds and repairs OrthoAgility® CPMs. QAL Medical® also has all the tools and parts in house to repair the majority of the previous trade names and model numbers. These are the CPM devices we still service:

  • 400, 400IX
  • 460
  • 480, 480E, 480EP
  • 520
  • 7000, 7000P
  • 6000, 6000X
  • L4D,L4KD,L4, L4K
  • A3
  • W2
  • PS1
  • E3
  • A2E
  • E2
  • T1
  • S3

Previous OrthoAgility® CPM trade names

Otto Bock CPMs, OrthoRehab CPMs, OrthoMotion CPMs, OrthoLogic CPMs, Danninger CPMs, Sutter CPMs, and Toronto Medical CPMs.

In our Marinette, WI plant, we manufacture:

  • 480E
  • 6000
  • W2
  • L4D/L4KD

Servicing Excellence

Our hands on experience that comes from building the CPMs from scratch help us to troubleshoot, identify issues and resolve them quickly and correctly, getting your CPM back to you with minimum downtime. We have earned the highest quality assurance certifications and hold ISO 13485: 2016 Certification.

We offer Parts, Service Programs, Repair, Technical Support, and Extended Warranty Programs to support you, your customers and /or patient’s needs.

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We give our customers peace of mind!

All the required documents for each CPM correspond with the serial number of that specific CPM unit. QAL MEDICAL® is the original manufacturer while providing service and support, which enables us to be able to provide full traceability down to the component level.

We have the most common replacement parts in house which means less downtime and your device can go back to your “rental fleet”, “hospital” or “clinic”, helping your customers and/or patients heal injured post-surgical joints as intended.

Go directly to QAL MEDICAL®, the original Manufacturer and resolve all your OrthoAgility® CPM service needs; quickly and properly the first time.

Call 1-888-430-1625 or email us at where a customer support specialist will be able to assist you with all your CPM Parts, Service and Repair needs.

Preventative Maintenance Service Plan – Protect your CPM investment!

  • QAL MEDICAL®, LLC being the original Manufacturer provides full traceability, down to the component level, where other repair companies are limited.
  • Preventative maintenance is recommended every 12 months.


QAL MEDICAL® Standard Preventative Maintenance package will include:

  • Cleaning and decontaminating the device.
  • Fully testing and recalibrating the device to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications.
  • Inspection and tightening all key critical components.
  • Testing the motor function.
  • Inspection of all operating controls and safety controls including voltages, amperages, belts, and ball bearings.
  • Lubrication of the CPM device.
  • Replacement of all the common standard wear and tear parts as needed.
  • Inspection of the device for damaged parts.
  • 90-day OEM warranty of parts and repair work.

Please contact Customer Service at for a quotation tailored to your device model.

Healing In Motion

Research continues to demonstrate that moving a limb or joint aids rehabilitation and leads to better outcomes. By combining active physical therapy along with a Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) device, it is possible to significantly increase joint range of motion.

Contact QAL Medical®, LLC today for all your CPM needs.
U.S.A. and Canada: 1-888-430-1625 (Toll Free) | Fax: 1-715-732-6402

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