At QAL Medical®, LLC our goal is nothing short of providing the best and broadest line of CPMs to help speed recovery time from joint surgeries.

Quality Assembly & Logistics, LLC and QAL Medical®, LLC are certified to the highest ISO medical device certification. The certification opens the door to worldwide distribution of the highest quality CPM devices and will benefit every customer engaged not only with Quality Assembly & Logistics, LLC but QAL Medical®.

The completion of the ISO 13485-2003 audit, which is sanctioned by the International Organization for Standardization has earned Quality Assembly & Logistics, LLC and QAL Medical®, LLC the following certificates:

  •    ISO 13485: 2003 UKAS Certificate
  •    ISO 13485: 2003 European Community Certificate
  •    ISO 13485: 2003 CMDCAS Certificate (Canada)

Other certifications include:

  •    Directive 93/42/EEC (ISO EC Certificate)
  •    Canadian Medical Device Regulations (ISO CMDCAS Certificate)
  •    FDA Medical Device Establishment Registration (Registration Number: 1000520134)
  •    Emergo Europe Agreement (European Community Authorized Representative)
  •    CSA Authorization to Mark (Master Contract Number: 253987)(CPM)

OrthoAgility®: Made to Last


The nature of CPMs means that only the highest quality is acceptable. At QAL Medical®, we are dedicated to raising the standard for quality in the CPM device market. CPM devices need to have durability and provide sophisticated therapy.

In a single year in a busy hospital, a CPM machine may operate up to 6500 hours and over 3 million cycles. CPM devices need to be extraordinarily tough. The materials and components we use to manufacturer OrthoAgility® CPM devices deliver, resulting in devices that last an average of 5 years.

Healing In Motion

Research continues to demonstrate that moving a limb or joint aids rehabilitation and leads to better outcomes. By combining active physical therapy along with a Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) device, it is possible to significantly increase joint range of motion.

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