Hip, Knee and Ankle CPM – Ideal for Hospital, Clinical and Home Use

L4D/L4KD Lower Extremity CPM

The L4D and L4KD puts you in digital control with speed variability from 30° to 210°/minute, a wide -10° to 135° range of motion, and easily accommodates pediatric and adult patients.

  • Ideal for hospital, clinical and home use
  • Wide range of motion from -10° to a full 135° at the knee
  • Lightweight at 24 lbs (11kg) and portable
  • Reverse on load safety feature
  • Minimizes anterior tibial translation and joint compression
  • Constant angular velocity over the entire range of motion
  • Simultaneous hip, knee and ankle motion (L4D only)
lower extremeties cpm

L4D Lower Extremities CPM

The L4D and L4KD’s digital controllers features include Reverse on Load, end of range Pause time, Warm-Up mode, a Treatment Timer, and the ability to track user hours and cycles.

The controller’s unique design allows settings to be saved to a Patient Memory Key to eliminate repetitive data entry, and a lock ensures that only you make program changes.

Both units quietly provide simultaneous hip and knee motion, and the L4D adds adjustable ankle motion for a total limb CPM.

fix knee pain


Immediate postoperative management after the following, where indicated:   

  • ACL reconstruction
  • Open reduction and rigid internal fixation of intra-articular, diaphyseal and metaphyseal ractures
  • Capsulotomy and arthrolysis for posttraumatic arthritis with restriction of motion
  • Synovectomy for rheumatoid arthritis and hemophilic arthropathy; Arthrotomy and drainage of acute septic arthritis
  • Surgical release of extra-articular contractures or adhesions (quadricepsplasty)
  • Metaphyseal osteotomy with rigid internal fixation of tibia and femur; prosthetic replacement (arthroplasty)
  • Reconstruction of medial collateral ligament tears of the knee using a semitendinosus tenodesis
  • Reconstructive surgery on bone, cartilage, tendons and ligaments
  • Prolonged joint immobilization

L4KD Extended

knee cpm

L4KD Collapsed

home knee therapy
cpm controller

OrthoAgility’s L4D device patient kit

Made of innovative, anti-microbial materials, this four-piece, L4D CPM patient kit is made of comfortable, padded vinyl which is installed using a Velcro configuration. The pads are easily removed for cleaning and include:

  • Calf Pad
  • Foot Support Pad
  • Thigh Support Pad
  • Gluteal Pad

The L4D vinyl option is available in gray and fits on devices including L4-100U, L4D-100U and L4D-300U.

  • L4-101: L4 Disposable Patient Kit
  • L4-101VG: L4 Reusable Vinyl Patient Kit, Gray
cpm inserts

For more information watch the video below.


L4D-100U or L4KD-100U: CPM device with patient kit, digital controller, power supply and manual.
L4-101 or L4K-101:
(Not for sale in Europe.)
Disposable Patient Kit (softgoods).
(Not for sale in Europe.)
Hospital bed clamp.
(Not for sale in Europe.)
Thigh Strap to help ensure full knee extension.
(Not for sale in Europe.)
L4 easy transport carriage
GE-107-10: Kit of 10 Patient Memory Keys
L4-101VG: (
Not for sale in Europe.)
L4 Reusable Vinyl Patient Kit, Gray
L4D-300U: (10 cm Shortened model)
L4D-3100U or L4KD-3100U: (3rd Edition models)


Length: 110 cm (44 in.) 64-99 cm (25-39 in.)
Folded: 41 cm (16 in.)
Width 33 cm (13 in.) 33 cm (13 in.)
Weight 10.9 kg (24 lbs.) 9.8 kg (21.5 lbs.)
Patient Size: 123 cm to 195 cm (4’1″ to 6’6″)
Range of Motion
Hip: 4° to 100° 4° to 100°
Knee: -10° to 135° -10° to 135°
Ankle:  -25° to 45° none
Speed: 30° to 210° per minute 30° to 210° per minute
Force (ROL): 1 (least) to 5 (greatest)  1 (least) to 5 (greatest)
Pause:  0 to 30 seconds 0 to 30 seconds

Power Source: External Power Supply Input 100-240, VAC 50-60 Hz 40 VA; Output, 12 VDC 5 A

Healing In Motion

Research continues to demonstrate that moving a limb or joint aids rehabilitation and leads to better outcomes. By combining active physical therapy along with a Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) device, it is possible to significantly increase joint range of motion.

L4D/L4KD OrthoAgility® Knee, Hip and Ankle CPM


Ideal for hospitals and home use.

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